Add Quick Linker Widget

After you install this widget to your typepad blog, you can quickly and easily link to relevant products as you write your blog posts by including custom HTML tags as you type. Your Quick Links will have your Associates ID automatically included. For example, Learn more

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  • <a type=amzn >Harry Potter</a>
    • Links to search results page for Harry Potter.
  • <a type=amzn search="Harry Potter">My favorite hero</a>
    • The link reads My favorite hero and points to a search results page for the phrase Harry Potter.
  • <a type=amzn search="Harry Potter" category="books">My favorite hero</a>
  • <a type=amzn asin="B00007L4MJ">I love this item</a>
    • The link reads I love this item and links directly to the specific Amazon product with Amazon id (ASIN) B00007L4MJ